December 8, 2009
contender peach prunus persica ftimg

Contender Peach

Contender Peach Prunus persica ‘Contender’ Description & Overview Contender peach produces large fruits that have a small pit and excellent red skin color. Great for canning and fresh use. This variety has also been found to be very cold hardy and has survived in northern growing areas where other peach […]
December 7, 2009
reliance peach prunus persica at johnson's nursery fruits ftimg

Reliance Peach

Reliance Peach Prunus persica ‘Reliance’ Description & Overview Reliance peach is an extremely cold hardy peach that was bred for northern climates. Considered to be one of the hardiest peach varieties, Reliance Peach fruit is typically ready for picking in mid-August in Southeast Wisconsin. The fruit is soft, sweet and […]