November 8, 2012
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Sumac Comparison

Sumac Comparison Genus: Rhus The Sumac (Rhus) family includes a selection Wisconsin native shrubs noted for their fern-like foliage, site adaptability, and wildlife value. They\’re a very strong plant in native and land restoration projects because the majority of the family are colonizers, meaning they\’re vigorous and will spread; therefore, […]
December 31, 2010
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Smooth Sumac

Smooth Sumac Rhus glabra Description & Overview Smooth sumac is a Wisconsin native shrub. It’s a vigorous, colonizing shrub with great value to wildlife, and it will thrive in exposed and challenging sites such as roadway embankments where few other plants would survive. Perhaps not for the more refined garden […]
November 22, 2010
redosier dogwood redtwig cornus sericea wisconsin native shrub johnson's nursery ftimg

Redosier Dogwood

Redosier Dogwood Cornus sericea Description & Overview Redosier Dogwood is a uniquely beautiful Wisconsin native shrub that provides food and shelter to nearly 100 species of birds. It can be used as a stunning hedge or border plant in just about any soil conditions. Thriving in wet areas, with suckering […]
November 15, 2010
common snowberry symphoricarpos albus waxberry coralberry wisconsin native shrub ftimg

Common Snowberry

Common Snowberry Symphoricarpos albus Description & Overview A Wisconsin native deciduous shrub, vigorously suckering and spreading, Common Snowberry creates a cohesive bridge between ornamental interest and wildlife value in the landscape. With blueish-green foliage and dainty light pink clustered flower, spring and summer interest is covered. As the leaves drop […]
November 15, 2010
common witchhazel hamamelis virginiana wisconsin native shrub ftimg

Common Witchhazel

Common Witchhazel Hamamelis virginiana Description & Overview A fall blooming large scale shrub, with native habitat and wildlife value, Common Witchhazel brings year round interest to wooded areas. Fragrant, four (4) crinkly petaled, ribbon-like flowers draw in your interest towards the end of fall. Its unique crooked branched crown is […]
November 13, 2010
silky dogwood cornus amomum wisconsin native shrubs at johnson's nursery ftimg

Silky Dogwood

Silky Dogwood Cornus amomum Description & Overview Native to Wisconsin’s streambeds and swamps, Silky Dogwood plays an important role in local ecosystems. A great choice for moist or wet areas. This large-to-medium sized lowland shrub produces spectacular porcelain-blue fruit clusters in late summer which are a favorite of local wildlife. […]
November 13, 2010
sweet fern comptonia peregrina wisconsin native shrub ftimg

Sweet Fern

Sweet Fern Comptonia peregrina Description & Overview Sweet Fern, despite its name is not actually a fern (or a perennial). Sweet Fern is a Wisconsin native shrub with aromatically pleasing foliage, especially when its leaves are crushed; this poses a great investment for wildlife and landscape use. Great for slopes […]
September 27, 2010
dwarf bushhoneysuckle diervilla lonicera native shrubs wisconsin ftimg

Dwarf Bushhoneysuckle

Dwarf Bushhoneysuckle Diervilla lonicera Description & Overview Dwarf Bushhoneysuckle is a Wisconsin native landscape plant noted for its shrubby form, spreading habit, yellow trumpet-shaped flowers, and brilliant fall color. New foliage emerges in unusual tints of coppery green and bronze. The growth of new stems appears with a crimson tint. […]
July 15, 2010
buttonbush cephalanthus occidentalis wisconsin native shrub flower ftimg


Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis Description & Overview Buttonbush brings more than its sweet scent and charming blooms into your garden – it is a magnet for wildlife! Another common name for this shrub is honey bells as its spherical white flowers are a favorite among honeybees and bumblebees. It is adapted […]
March 6, 2010
common winterberry ilex verticillata wisconsin native restoration landscape shrub ftimg

Common Winterberry

Common Winterberry Ilex verticillata Description & Overview Common Winterberry is the Wisconsin native deciduous holly, variable in size. Commonly grows in damp areas throughout much of Wisconsin. Abundant bright red fruits hug branches on the female plants from fall into winter. Plant in groups – as both male and female […]
March 4, 2010
american elderberry sambucus canadensis native shrubs johnson's nursery ftimg

American Elderberry

American Elderberry Sambucus canadensis Description & Overview American Elderberry is a large, sprawling, Wisconsin native shrub with bright green leaves, white clusters of fragrant flowers, and juicy, edible black fruits. Elderberry blooms at a time of year when little else is. This native species can tolerate low, wet areas that […]
February 11, 2010
new jersey tea ceanothus americanus wisconsin native shrubs johnson's nursery ftimg

New Jersey Tea

New Jersey Tea Ceanothus americanus Description & Overview An attractive Wisconsin native sub-shrub for our prairies and open savannas. A blanket of white flowers in late June to July, and its attractive, deep green foliage makes this shrub sensational for mass plantings. A lover of full sun and well-drained soil, […]
February 11, 2010
running serviceberry amelanchier stolonifera wisconsin native shrub johnson's nursery ftimg

Running Serviceberry

Running Serviceberry Amelanchier stolonifera Description & Overview Running Serviceberry is a low-maintenance and adaptable shrub that’s great for natural areas and native gardens. Fruits are a boon to wildlife and people alike. With its upright spreading habit, showy blooms and vibrant fall color, this is a Wisconsin native that provides […]
February 5, 2010
staghorn sumac rhus typhina wisconsin native shrub johnson's nursery ftimg

Staghorn Sumac

Staghorn Sumac Rhus typhina Description & Overview Staghorn sumac is a vigorous, colonizing small tree or large Wisconsin native shrub with great value to wildlife. It will thrive in exposed and challenging sites such as roadway embankments where few other plants would survive. It’s a low-maintenance plant (in natural or […]
February 5, 2010
bladdernut staphylea trifolia wisconsin native shrub johnson's nursery ftimg2


Bladdernut Staphylea trifolia Description & Overview Bladdernut is a highly versatile under-used Wisconsin native shrub that is shade-tolerant, thicket-forming, and provides four-season interest. Bell-shaped white flowers hang from the stems in May. Inflated bladder-like seed capsules follow, persisting through fall and winter. The dark green trifoliate leaves turn a soft […]
February 5, 2010
american plum prunus americana wisconsin native shrub tree johnson's nursery ftimg

American Plum

American Plum Prunus americana Description & Overview American Plum is a Wisconsin native, large scale shrub or small scale tree that can be grown as a single stem or suckering into a shrubby colony. It’s adaptable to a wide variety of soil and climate conditions, and it produces small white […]
February 4, 2010
meadowsweet spiraea alba wisconsin native shrub white flower ftimg


Meadowsweet Spiraea alba Description & Overview Meadowsweet is a Wisconsin Native shrub that grows to be 2-4′ tall, thrives in full sun, and grows well in wet areas like bogs or along edges of streams. Meadowsweet doesn’t have the typical neat shrub like structure as it grows in colonies and […]
January 21, 2010
glossy black chokeberry aronia melanocarpa var elata wisconsin native shrubs ftimg

Glossy Black Chokeberry

Glossy Black Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa var. elata Description & Overview Glossy Black Chokeberry is a suckering shrub native to Wisconsin with four season interest. It has fragrant white flower clusters in Spring, brilliant fall color, and large shiny dark berries that persist throughout winter. It provides habitat and food for […]
January 8, 2010
american filbert hazelnut corylus americana wisconsin native shrub johnson's nursery menomonee falls ftimg

American Filbert

American Filbert Corylus americana Description & Overview American Filbert, also known as American Hazelnut, is a suckering shrub native to the edges and understory of Wisconsin woodlands. It will grow in a wide variety of conditions, attracts many species of wildlife, and has four-season interest. American hazelnut is an excellent […]
September 27, 2000
nannyberry viburnum lentago wisconsin native shrub white flowers ftimg

Nannyberry Viburnum

Coming soon! We’re currently writing the plant profile for Nannyberry Viburnum. Please check back later.
September 27, 2000
witherod viburnum cassinoides white flowering native shrub ftimg

Witherod Viburnum

Coming soon! We’re currently writing the plant profile for Witherod Viburnum. Please check back later.
September 27, 2000
common ninebark wisconsin native shrub physocarpus opulifolius flowering ftimg

Common Ninebark

Coming soon! We’re currently writing the plant profile for Common Ninebark. Please check back later.