Black Ice® Plum

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Black Ice® Plum

Prunus ‘Lydecker’ PP16,621

Description & Overview

Black Ice® plum produces large round black fruits that ripen in early August in Wisconsin. The fruit is sweet, juicy and semi-cling. This plum was derived from a complex cross of sand cherry (Prunus besseyi) with Japanese plum genetics. The goal by the breeder was to obtain a Japanese type plum that was hardy enough to grow in the upper mid-west yet had the quality to compete with Japanese plums readily available on the summer markets from west coast growers.

Core Characteristics

Mature Height: 12′
Mature Spread: 15′
Growth Rate: Fast
Growth Form: Tree
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Site Requirements: Well-drained site
Flower: White
Bloom Period: Early May
Foliage: Green
Fall Color: N/A
Fruit Notes: Black; average 2″ in diameter

Suggested Uses:

Excellent for fresh eating.

blackice plum prunus lydecker fruit trees home orchard fruits in wisconsin

Fruits maturing progression pictures taken late June.

Wildlife Value:

Plum trees are relished by deer, numerous small mammals, and insects.

Maintenance Tips:

All plum varieties need annual pruning during the dormant season (winter-early spring). Find more information on Training & Pruning Fruit Trees.


Plums typically are prone to bacterial canker, plum curculio damage, and brown rot of stone fruits.

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Leaf Lore:

Black Ice® was bred by Dr. Brian Smith of University of Wisconsin-River Falls. The cultivar name ‘Lydecker’ was chosen to honor Ann Lydecker. Ann previously worked as chancellor at UW-River Falls but lost her life in a car accident. Dr. Smith is also known for his extensive breeding work on strawberries suitable for northern growing regions.

Companion Plants:

Black Ice® Plum MUST be cross-pollinated with Toka plum, La Crescent plum or American plum in order to produce fruit.

Black Ice Plum Pruunus 'Lydecker' benchcard