Everlow Yew

Everlow Yew

Taxus x media ‘Everlow’

Description & Overview

Everlow Yew is a hybrid of T. baccata and T. cuspidata which makes it sufficiently winter hardy for the upper Midwest. Its claim to fame is short stature and a slow growth rate. Yews are much sought after as so versatile in the landscape since they will grow in full sun-full shade. Being evergreen, they provide year-round interest. Most yew selections just grow too big for foundation plantings so must be trimmed for height control. This low growing cultivar eliminates any need for shearing.

Core Characteristics

Mature Height: 2′
Mature Spread: 5′
Growth Rate: Very Slow
Growth Form: Low spreader
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Full Shade
Site Requirements: Well-drained
Flower: Non-showy
Bloom Period: N/A
Foliage: Dark green needles (evergreen)
Fall Color: N/A
Fruit Notes: Red fleshy aril containing one seed

Suggested Uses:

Useful just about anywhere in the landscape due to its dark green foliage and extreme shade tolerance. The low form and little need for shearing make this yew the homeowner’s dream plant. Beautiful year round with little/no maintenance required.


Wildlife Value:

Maintenance Tips:

Little to none needed. Like all Yews, Everlow Yew shears well if desired. The low stature of this selection mitigates any need to shear for height control. Read more about Hedging & Shearing.



Deer browsing seems to be the only major pest issue on spreading yews. They are very pest resistant otherwise. You may want to avoid growing yews if the deer population is heavy in your area as deer love to feed on Yews. Some have resorted to pinning up burlap around the yews to offer some winter protection from hungry deer.

Leaf Lore:

Companion Plants:

This plant is best used where it can be contrasted with other colors/textures to make the dark green needles stand out in the landscape. Having a snowy background or planted against a light-colored brick façade/siding really makes one appreciate the intensity of the deep green yew foliage.

Everlow Yew Taxus x media 'Everlow' benchcard