Hat Trick Espalier Apple

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Hat Trick Espalier Apple

Malus ‘Hat Trick’

Description & Overview

Hat Trick Espalier Apple is a grafted tree in espalier form. This tree is shaped into a 3-tier cordon form. The bottom cordon is the variety Honeycrisp. The middle cordon is the variety Sweet 16. The top cordon is the variety Zestar!®. Being espalier, this tree takes little space width-wise, yet it bears three different types of apples that all ripen in September. A whole month of fresh fruit! Zestar!® will ripen early September, Honeycrisp ripens mid-September and Sweet 16 ripens late-September.

Core Characteristics

Mature Height: Up to 8′ depending on pruning
Mature Spread: 12-15′
Growth Rate: Moderate
Growth Form: Espalier Tree
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Site Requirements: Well-drained site
Flower: White
Bloom Period: early-mid May
Foliage: Green
Fall Color: N/A
Fruit Notes: Self-pollinating as 3 different varieties on the same tree.

Suggested Uses:

Espalier Apples are normally grown against a brick/stone wall or along a fence. They take up little space as only 2 dimensional in form. Avoid planting on North sides of walls or fence due to poor light exposure.

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Wildlife Value:

Apple trees are relished by deer, numerous small mammals, and insects.

Maintenance Tips:

Like all apples, pruning is required. Espalier apples will be best pruned in the summer to promote less vegetative growth than dormant pruning in the winter. With espalier, little vegetative growth is desired since the key to espalier is to maintain the 2-dimensional form in a small space. Learn more about pruning Espalier Apple Trees.

hat trick espalier apple tree malus fruit milwaukee wisconsin


Apples grown in espalier form have all the same apple pests/diseases as those grown on normal form apple trees. Following a spray program or growing the fruit in bags (cloth, plastic, paper) is suggested to obtain a quality fruit crop. Find a spraying guide and more information on Best Pesticides For The Home Orchardist.

Leaf Lore:

This horticultural masterpiece is created by Bailey Nursery (Minnesota) and uses cold hardy apple varieties that were developed by the University of Minnesota.

Companion Plants:

Hat Trick Apple is self-pollinating as 3 different varieties on the same tree.

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