Hosta Comparison Chart

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Hosta Comparison Chart

The Hosta Comparison Chart is a list of common perennial hostas grown at Johnson's Nursery. Hostas are one of the most commonly grown part-shade to full shade perennials. They have a distinct foliage structure, flowering habits, and bloom times, but they can vary slightly in color and greatly in size. Hostas also have solid color and variegated leaf options. Nearly all hostas bloom in summer, starting in June or July and ending in July, August, or September.

Hostas are one of the best plants to try when you can't get anything else to grow. They're durable, versatile, and virtually maintenance-free. Hostas play well together so you can have a variety if you like. No varieties of hosta are native to Wisconsin.

Featured image: Hosta 'Big Daddy'

August Moon Hosta20"24-30"Bright gold to chartreusePale LavenderJuly-August
Big Daddy Hosta18-24"3-4'Frosty blueWhiteJuly-August
Blue Angel Hosta3-4'4'Blue-green, texturedWhiteJuly-August
Blue Cadet Hosta10-15"2-3'Blue-green, heart-shapedLavenderJuly-August
Blue Giant Hosta24-30"30-48"Blue-greenWhite-lavenderJune-July
Earth Angel Hosta3'3-4'Blue-green, white-cream marginsPale LavenderJuly-August
Empress Wu Hosta4'5-6'Dark greenLavenderJuly-August
Fire And Ice Hosta14-16"20"Dark green with white centerLavenderJune-July
First Frost Hosta12-18"2-3'Deep blue, edged in creamy yellowLavenderAugust-September
Fragrant Bouquet Hosta18-22”4-5'Apple green, creamy yellow marginsLavenderAugust-September
Francee Hosta15-22”30"Forest green, thin white marginsLavenderJuly-August
Frances Williams Hosta18-24”4-5'Blue-green, yellow-green marginsWhiteJune-July
Gold Standard Hosta24-30”3'Cream leaves, dark green marginsLight LavenderJuly-August
Golden Tiara Hosta10-18”2-3'Green, gold marginsLavenderJuly-August
Guacamole Hosta18-24”30-54"Apple green, darker green marginsPale LavenderAugust-September
Halcyon Hosta12-18”30-40"Blue-green, thickPale lavenderJuly-August
Island Breeze Hosta12”18"Yellow, dark green marginsLavenderJuly-August
June Hosta6-16”20-32"Yellow-gold, blue-green marginsLavenderJuly-August
Krossa Regal Hosta30-36”3-4'Frosty blue, wavy-edgedSoft OrchidJuly-August
Liberty Hosta12-18”2-3'Matte green, wide yellow marginsLavenderJune-July
Loyalist Hosta12-18”18-24"White center, dark green marginsPale LavenderJune-July
Patriot Hosta24-30”30"Forest green, white marginsLavenderJuly-August
Stained Glass Hosta15-18"32-42"Gold, blue-green marginsLavenderJuly-August
Sum & Substance30-36”4-5'Chartreuse, ages to gold, large, glossyLavenderJuly-August

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Johnson's Nursery grows 20+ varieties of Hosta in a range of sizes from miniature to mammoth.