KinderKrisp Apple

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KinderKrisp Apple

Malus ‘KinderKrisp’

Description & Overview

KinderKrisp is a small but very crispy and sweet red apple. It ripens in late August in S.E WI and is an exceptionally good early apple. The crispiness comes from one of its parents, the famous Honeycrisp apple. While the fruit may be smaller than Honeycrisp, it is by no means small on flavor. This selection allows apple aficionados of all ages the chance to savor the unique “Honeycrisp- like” flavor that KinderKrisp offers several weeks before the Honeycrisp crop is even ripe.

Core Characteristics

Mature Height: 15′
Mature Spread: 15′
Growth Rate: Moderate
Growth Form: Tree
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Site Requirements: Well-drained site
Flower: White
Bloom Period: Early-mid May
Foliage: Green
Fall Color: N/A
Fruit Notes: Smaller; very crispy; red

Suggested Uses:

We offer this variety on M7 rootstock which is semi-dwarf and free-standing. This variety is best for fresh eating only. Excellent choice for children as the fruit is just the right size.

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Wildlife Value:

Apple trees are relished by deer, numerous small mammals, and insects.

Maintenance Tips:

Annual pruning during the dormant season (late winter-early spring) is suggested to promote an open tree canopy that will allow better sunlight penetration and air flow for best fruit quality. Find more information on Training & Pruning Fruit Trees.


Numerous as is the case with all apple varieties. Following a spray program or growing the fruit in bags (paper, cloth or plastic) is suggested in order to obtain a quality fruit crop. Find a spraying guide and more information on Best Pesticides For The Home Orchardist.

Leaf Lore:

This variety was developed by David MacGregor of Fairhaven Farm in Minnesota. David is an orchardist and apple breeder. Fairhaven Farms has selected and named several new apple varieties from their independent breeding program.

Companion Plants:

KinderKrisp Apple must be cross-pollinated with a crabapple or different apple variety to produce fruit.

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