Discontinued: Landscape Container Recycling


Landscape Plastics Recycling

Johnson's Nursery is no longer accepting discarded landscape plastics. We apologize for the inconvenience. This page will be removed soon.

Drop off your used or discarded landscape plastic containers at Johnson's Nursery, anytime during business hours. Plastics from the nursery industry are coded 2, 5 or 6.

Before You Arrive:

  • Separate according to plastic type (#2, #5, #6) regardless of size, style or color.
  • Remove all loose dirt and contaminants, including cardboard
  • Remove all metal wire from hanging planters
  • Nest all pots, cell packs, and trays of the same size and type tightly together (also sorted by plastics type)

  • When you bring your containers back to Johnson's Nursery there are separate recycling bins for #2, #5, and #6. If you are familiar with our nursery, we invite you to help yourself to our recycling drop-off bins. If you need assistance, visit the retail office building and the staff will direct you.

    Did you know? If you toss the plastic pots/containers and trays/flats in into the garbage, they will sit at the landfill and will not get recycled. We encourage landscape contractors and garden and landscape enthusiasts to save plastic plant containers, growing pots and plant trays. This program was created in part by Johnson's Nursery, Inc. and Waukesha County Recycling. Honor our earth by bringing your used containers to us in Menomonee Falls.


    Q: If a homeowner puts their used landscape plastics in their own recycling bin, what happens with it? Does Waste Management, or whomever, do as they should with it, or does it end up in a landfill? Assuming it is “clean?”

    A: "Most recyclables in Waukesha County come to our facility (not Menomonee Falls though) and we do not want them in our residential recycling system because they are contaminated. So that’s why this is a great solution to these landscape plastics." --Waukesha County Recycles

    Q: May I bring my plastic containers to the garden center in Cedarburg?

    A: We apologize for any inconvenience, but Johnson's Gardens in Cedarburg does not have a container recycling area.

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    Landscape Contractors and Bulk Drop-Off

    Landscape contractors and other bulk drop-offs can be done anytime. Coordinate a time/date with your salesperson. In addition to the above preparation requirements, landscape contractors and other bulk drop-offs must wrap your plastics on pallets and label according to plastic code.
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