Common Purple Lilac
Syringa vulgaris

These are your standard, old-school lilacs that mature to at least 8’ in height and are typically as wide as they are tall. Common purple lilacs and their cultivars are excellent choices for the shrub border, as an individual specimen plant, or as a centerpiece in a large island bed. In areas with poor air flow or more shade than sun, Powdery Mildew can be a problem. However, in the right spot these shrubs shine for their fragrant blooms and dense foliage. Prune immediately after flowering for best blooms the next year.

Common Purple Lilacs Comparison Table

CultivarHeightSpreadFlower ColorNotes
Common Purple Lilac8-10 feet10-12 feetPurpleYour standard purple lilac, just like grandma had.
Albert F. Holden8-10 feet10-12 feetDeep violetSingle flowers, silvery blush on reverse side of petals gives a two-toned effect.
Beauty of Moscow8-12 feet6-7 feetPink and blue, two-tonedDouble flowers, slightly more upright than other cultivars.
Charles Joly8-10 feet10-12 feetMagentaDouble flowers
Ludwig Spaeth8-10 feet10-12 feetDark purpleSingle flowers
Monge8-10 feet10-12 feetRich purpleSingle flowers, prolific bloomer
Sensation8-10 feet10-12 feetMaroon with white petal edgesSingle flowers
Wedgewood Blue8-10 feet10-12 feetLight blueSingle flowers, pink buds before bloom
Yankee Doodle8-10 feet10-12 feetDark purpleSelected in 1883, a reliable cultivar.

Lilacs Salable Sizes & Mature

Young Lilac shrubs - sizes you'll typically purchase them at.

As Lilacs mature, they begin to show their beauty.

Fully matured Lilacs are an amazing sight. Pictured: Albert F. Holden