Monika Sancho

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Monika Sancho

Starting Position: High School, Receptionist
Current Position: Inventory and Purchasing Manager

Monika started at Johnson's Nursery as a sophomore in high school. Her main duties were answering the phone and filing invoices. She did that for two seasons then went off to school at University of Minnesota. She moved back home during her summer breaks and would continue to work for Johnson's Nursery as a part-time receptionist and part-time propagation worker. Her main duties were clearing weeds and potting plants.

After that season, she didn’t anticipate coming back to Johnson’s Nursery because she planned to live in a house in Minnesota full-time. But she decided that Johnson's Nursery could provide growth potential, so she moved back to work full-time. At this point she was still a receptionist/propagation worker, but that year she was able to assist in building, from the ground up, a greenhouse for vegetable research and development.

She continued learning and was able to move into the Retail Plant Center as a salesperson. She was promoted to Retail Supervisor her very next season. Now, she is Inventory and Purchasing Manager for the company. "Started as an acorn. Now I'm an oak tree". Her responsibilities include making sure Johnson's Nursery has plants to sell and to hunt out the best prices. She has become quite the master of MS Excel.

What do you like most about working at Johnson's Nursery?
"I really enjoy the people I work with every day, which makes work fun. Working outside is really awesome, and there is always a moment in the day where you can look back at all the hard work and feel really accomplished like, yeah. We did that."

Why would you recommend someone work here?
"It is challenging, but very rewarding. I would recommend working here if you love to work hard, love to be outside, and love to work as a team. Having plant knowledge is always a plus, but you will learn everything as you work, just like I did!"

Personal Brief
"I enjoy going on nature walks, taking pictures of flowers as the season goes along, and taking pictures of trees in the winter because I love branches. I also like tattoos and enjoy watching my brother play bass with Ashley McBryde."

green industry jobs johnsons nursery monika sancho