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Plant Reference Guide

The Plant Reference Guide is the hardcopy catalog of commonly grown and stocked plants at Johnson's Nursery in Menomonee Falls. The guidebook is divided into 3 sections. First, we list our commonly grown plants and their characteristics, including comparison charts for groups of plants such as crabapples, hostas, rose, grasses, and more. The second part is a plant characteristics list index, where we've compiled lists such as plants for wildlife, plants for problem areas, plants with useful features, and more. These lists include subsections. For example, the plants for wildlife is divided into plants that attract birds, plants that attract hummingbirds, and plants that attract butterflies. The last several sections of our Plant Reference Guide is plant bloom times calendars, dig time for our field grown plants with corresponding dig hole size chart, ball sizes and weights.

Harcopies of the Plant Reference Guide are available for purchase at our Menomonee Falls headquarters. Wholesale & Contractor department customers may inquire with their salesperson for physical copies. Or, you may bookmark this page and refer to it anytime you need.